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Linocut Wall Art
Breed Chart
Linocut Wall Art
Breed Chart

Breed Linocut Wall Print

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* After checkout, please choose from the dropdown menu which breed you would like on your wall art (refer to numbered Breed Choices graphic in second to last photo [breed names are outlined at the end of this listing].

The Design |

A single breed of canine takes ownership of an assortment of unique adjectives, and, as many dog owners know, its keepers are more than happy to show it! And so we crafted these wall prints, ones that feature an eye-catching graphic of a specific dog breed. That way you too can show pride in your canine companion's uniqueness!


The Print |

● Available in 5" x 7" and 11" x 14"

● Printed on 100% cotton fine art archival paper for rich, beautiful colors


BREED CHOICES [Pictured in Last Photo] |

(1) Beagle 

(2) Boxer 

(3) Bulldog 

(4) Chessy

(5) Chihuahua 

(6) Cocker Spaniel 

(7) Corgi 

(8) Dalmatian 

(9) Frenchie 

(10) German Shepherd 

(11) Golden 

(12) Pointer 

(13) Labrador 

(14) Poodle 

(15) Rottweiler

(16) Yorkie


(17) Basset Hound

(18) Miniature Pinscher

(19) Pug

(20) Great Dane

(21) Shih Tzu


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